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Google AppEngine and memcache: one-line integration

Toady I was working on my API for The Italian Bay and realized that, other than cleaning untidy and sloppy code, I still hadn’t implemented any sort of cache. Thanks to Python’s excellent decorator feature and to the excellent community on IRC this is what I have come up with. What do I need to [...]

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Day #1 @EuroPython: Something incredibly big is just about to start

Waking up at 7 after a 5 hour sleep is not always the best! Me and Jaek managed to “push” ourselves out of bed and, after a shower and some good breakfast, I started to be more conscious about the event. The event, hosted at Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, was beautiful as well as incredibly welcoming! [...]

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Day #0 @EuroPython: The arrival

Day 1 Arrival at Florence around 12:00 the day before the beginning after a nice 4 hour train! Tired but in the same time incredibly excited. I managed to find a bus which brought be to the hotel which they had booked for me: Hotel Gavinana (I am not part of Trip Advisor but I [...]

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The Italian Bay, La rinascita della libertà di condivisione in Italia

Ciao a tutti. E’ da circa un mese che sono tornato in Italia. Oltre a belle mangiate insieme ad amici e festeggiamenti dopo la riuscita del quorum mi è venuta una certa nostalgia quando, volendomi collegare da casa su The Pirate Bay, il tracker torrent più famoso al mondo, mi sono trovato un fantastico 404. [...]

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EuroPython 2011: people, possibilities, great ideas and dreams

It is 3 days that I feel like shouting it out to everyone. I will be attending EuroPython 2011! This year’s python conference will be held in Florence, and after all the previous success I really felt like if i’d missed this one I would of lost so much. So here I am, wanting to [...]

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