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Monthly Archives: January 2011

How the keyboard was reinvented, the 8pen

The 8pen is a technology introduced in the last years and was born to fulfill a necessity: reinvent the keyboard on mobile devices. The 8pen presents a radically-shaped keyboard made only for mobile devices, the advantage of having this compare to the widely-used QWERTY keyboard is in the fact that it’s possible to input text faster on [...]

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Utilizing bare fingers as input, the Multitouch

Multi-touch is the ability to simultaneously register distinct positions of input touches on a device, while the user was used to interact with a device through buttons or scroll-wheels the multi-touch came along and completely revolutionized the way we interact with it. The user interacts with precise patterns or applying pressure, and in the newest [...]

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6-axis motion sensing, the Gyroscope

After the accelerometer included in the first version of Apple’s iPhone, the Gyroscope was discovered with iPhone 4. This interface permits the user not only to interact with the device utilizing gestures but also get input from gravity. This makes the iPhone 4 perfect for gaming and opens a completely new world for developers. Not [...]

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How the rumble pak changed gaming

The Rumble Pak is a device built by Nintendo which provides force feedback while playing games on the Nintendo 64. The device is inserted in the Expansion Pack located in each of Nintendo’s joysticks. It’s the first of it’s kind and supported most of the first-person shooters when firing a weapon or receiving damage to provide the player with physical feedback. Nowadays Nowadays [...]

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Getting the best out of two worlds, the Wacom Tablet

One of the device which has always fascinated me, and has also tempted me many times is the tablet made from Wacom, This device is one of the most revolutionary in the world of design and is a must-have for web and digital designers. What is it? The Wacom tablet is composed of mainly to [...]

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