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Google AppEngine and memcache: one-line integration

Toady I was working on my API for The Italian Bay and realized that, other than cleaning untidy and sloppy code, I still hadn’t implemented any sort of cache. Thanks to Python’s excellent decorator feature and to the excellent community on IRC this is what I have come up with. What do I need to [...]

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Diaspora, 10 Invites for you!

Having just yesterday kindly received an invitation for the open-source social network named Diaspora, which is currently in Alpha and is working pretty well, I want to give back to the community and distribute my 10 invites in order to share and give you all the possibility of doing so! Hopefully who will receive an invite will also be kind to [...]

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Social Hypertree Released, View Facebook in a different way!

After solving a couple of authentication bugs, I believe my Social Hypertree could be released to the world! I have also shown this to a couple of friends for some feedback and, surprisingly, they all believe it’s fantastic! I believe it’s fantastic too and I would like everyone to share the same experience. Below is [...]

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Google Docs for education, and all the rest

It’s been a month since I wanted to write a post about this subject, and unfortunately due to lack of time and crazy partys I only managed to start writing it now! this length of time has again confirmed my opinion on a popular service called Google Docs. What is Google Docs Google Docs is [...]

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How the keyboard was reinvented, the 8pen

The 8pen is a technology introduced in the last years and was born to fulfill a necessity: reinvent the keyboard on mobile devices. The 8pen presents a radically-shaped keyboard made only for mobile devices, the advantage of having this compare to the widely-used QWERTY keyboard is in the fact that it’s possible to input text faster on [...]

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