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How the keyboard was reinvented, the 8pen

The 8pen is a technology introduced in the last years and was born to fulfill a necessity: reinvent the keyboard on mobile devices. The 8pen presents a radically-shaped keyboard made only for mobile devices, the advantage of having this compare to the widely-used QWERTY keyboard is in the fact that it’s possible to input text faster on small device, while at the same time mimicking human hand-writing.

First Experience

I personally do not have a smartphone, but i was very interested in this novel keyboard and a friend of mine let me try it In a first moment, like every new thing, it’s incredibly hard to get used to.. specially because the user cannot let go of the touchpad until he finishes the word he was typing, but my friend who has used it for more than a month reveals that it’s incredibly easy and humane compared to all the other technologies, such as T9 and QWERTY.

In Conclusion

Overall I find myself in favor of this technology as it is clearly revolutionary and, because it’s more human, it will gradually become even more spontaneous that writing with the current standard typing technologies.

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