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Utilizing bare fingers as input, the Multitouch

Multi-touch is the ability to simultaneously register distinct positions of input touches on a device, while the user was used to interact with a device through buttons or scroll-wheels the multi-touch came along and completely revolutionized the way we interact with it. The user interacts with precise patterns or applying pressure, and in the newest device also with certain gestures.

History and first widely successful implementation

Multitouch technology first began in 1982 in the University of Toronto, the sistem was composed of sa frosted-glass panel with a camera placed behind the glass, unfortunately although very successful for the time, the implementation was too much pressure-driven. Since then multitouch has been discussed and rediscussed by big companies such as Bell Industries.

The first successful implementation came not far ago with the iPhone by Apple, although both the function and the term was already patented, Apple gave it wider exposure with it’s trendy device. Since then, nearly all the new devices support some kind of multi touch, especially the phone industry.

Why Multitouch on phones?

The reason why all the new smartphones are somewhat related with multitouch is because of the dimension of the devices. These devices have to fit in pockets and in the same time contain numerous features. Nowadays mobile phones have cameras, play films and games and, as a latter function, call and send SMS. Multi-touch gives the user possibility of having customized buttons for every application to make their experience unique.

A user transforming 2 iPhones in a deejay console. Yes, this device calls too..

Another example of what can be achieved with multitouch can be seen here..

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