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Social Hypertree, An InfoVis visualization of Facebook relationships

Ever imagined how Facebook’s data could be seen is a visual way?

This is the Social Hypertree

Facebook is a social hub full of relations, just think of visualizing all that data utilizing a simple web application! Social Hypertree grabs 10 mutual friends, and for each friend it grabs all the mutual friends between him and you! This data is then visualized in a dynamic and interactive graph, the colors are also what gives part of the experience, when the data is done loading the page fades into black and the nodes appear.. the experience is noething you can think of, the only way to realize this is watching it.

I will be posting the source code for this app when it is fully finished! It is nothing incredibly special but gives a really nice overview of what can be accomplished using Facebook’s FBJS, note that there is NO server-side code on this one! I do not take ANY credits for the InfoVis library, this is all merit of Nicolas Garcia Belmonte.

Not because this project is something “special” as any person could have written this probably in a better way than me, but it gave a good reason to start making some YouTube videos! I will try to make my videos less nerdy possible and full of laughs and happiness! So even if you subject of my videos could be boring, you have another good reason for doing this!

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  • Bl@ster

    very nice!
    I’m studying graphs right now, this is very interesting ;)

  • Thebuzzwright

    Someone just learnt how to do a directed graph :P
    Looks good man, I dont really know what you can do to expand it though, I am guessing a O(n^3) algorithm could be used which is why only “10″ friends are chosen xD

    One day you may rule the world…

  • Daniel Pyrathon

    Hey man! You are the boss of algorithms! I need to learn them all ;)
    Anyways I have also tested it with 20 friends! But it’s not worth it as it just goes crazy!

    I am sure you will rule the world before me! but maybe we can do it together ;)
    For now, If tomorrow you don’t have anything to do. I can come to your’s =D

  • Bl@ster

    O(n^3)? It’s a total waste of resources :D
    You can use O(mlogn) algorhythms ;)

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